Why become a #bossmom/entrepreneur?!

You are probably wondering what exactly is a bossmom? A bossmom is a mom that is the boss of her household and her Mompreneur business. Most entrepreneurs do not plan on becoming one it happens by accident.  You either see a need for a specific type of business or you stumble upon a passion, that was the case for me. I have always been crafty, never the smart or athletic type but give me a bunch of random things and I can make something beautiful.

I was a first-time mother and it made sense financially to become a stay at home mom. Being a stay at home mom was never my dream, actually, I never and still do not know what I am meant to do. I found myself alone most of the time because of my husband's work hours and I longed for something to call my own. I started creating hand strung western jewelry, posted a few on Facebook and it just kind of took off from there. It was just the beginning of my start in entrepreneurial ship.

I started an online Fb boutique called Maddy Love and carried women's clothing. I attended as many local vendor events as I could.  I remember the very day we signed the lease to our 600 Sq Ft storefront. It was the tiniest space but I made it work. I spent several nights painting zebra stenciled walls while Maddy ran around in her footed p.js. She came every day to the boutique with me and would take naps on a cot in a space I made for her. Six short months later my husband was offered a new restaurant location. I wanted him to advance in his career so I put mine on hold. Owning a storefront was the most stress yet rewarding journey in life.

After relocating to Louisiana I put my boutique on pause and focused on school full-time. I found myself lost in the everyday routine tasks and ventured into the Etsy world. I own an Etsy shop for custom made drinkware. I love it because I get to craft every day.  Being a work at home mom has allowed me to stay with my girls and volunteer at their schools. It made sense six years ago and still does today. I have the flexibility of taking my girls to their dance/gymnastic activities or run to pick them up if they get sick at school. And let's face today's reality not very many jobs understand that being a mother comes first.

I love shopping and putting together an outfit and always said that one day when the time was right I would get back into the boutique world so here I am. Welcome to my newest business venture Luv to Liv-Boutique.Blog.Lifestyle. Join me on my journey of boutique shopping while I let you in on my life with blog posts, DIY crafts, a space to empower other moms and my fitness lifestyle.