About us

Our Vision

As a past stay at home mom/student, I understand the desire to want something. To fill several online boutique's shopping carts but never click check out. I would rather spend money on my girls than feel guilty for buying something for myself. As moms, we always put our kids first. My goal is to always offer the trendiest boutique styles at affordable prices for moms, students, and anyone looking to save a few dollars.

About Me

In 2011 I became a stay at home mom/student. I needed something for myself so I started making custom jewelry. What started as a hobby became a successful Facebook business. Shortly after I started carrying boutique clothing and attended many local events including; wine festivals, Southern NM State Fair, Farmers Market, Las Cruces Country Music Festival and many others. We opened our storefront in 2013 and were successful but had to relocate for my husband's job. After moving to Louisiana I focused full-time on finishing my degree and juggled my Etsy shop. I've missed the fashion world and decide now was the time to get back to my passion. I graduated from New Mexico State University in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. 

My Family

My little family is my driving force and motivation. I have been married to my Husband for two years. He is my best friend, he believes in me more than I believe in myself. (He is pretty amazing for putting up with me) haha. We have two girly, girls. MadaLynn Love which is where Luv comes from she is a sassy six-year-old. Oliva Rose which is where Liv comes from she is our wild child and just turned two. As any mother, I want to an example for my girls that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. Thank you for supporting my small business that will hopefully become bigger than my dreams.